The Queenstown Vineyard and Buttermans Track label is owned and operated by Louise and Gary Trist.with significant help from their children Aaron, Jordan, Brittany and Joel. This is a small family run vineyard and most of the work is carried out by the family with some help during peak periods at harvest time. This ensures attention to detail which is critical when producing premium quality fruit and wine.


June  2014

We are pleased to announce the launch our very first vintage of Pinot Noir. The estate grown fruit for this wine was hand harvested in 2013 early in the morning whilst the fruit was still cool. 75% of the grapes were destemmed and the balance of 25% was left as whole bunches. The must was fermented in small open fermenters and hand plunged 3 times per day. Like all of our wines, fermentation was carried out with indigenous yeast. The must was pressed off the skins after 15 days and matured in French oak barrels, 33% new Troncais. Natural malolactic fermentation took place within the next 4 weeks and then the wine was matured in French oak barriques.

The bouquet of the wine exhibits varietal characters of bright cherry and strawberry fruit and forest floor with brambly stalky notes adding interest and depth. The palate is silky with a lovely varietal intensity of wild strawberry and cherry with a gentle French oak influence.

We are very pleased with our very first 2013 Pinot Noir, we hope you enjoy it as well.

January 2012

As part of a bench marking exercise we decided to enter the 2009 Sangiovese and 2009 Shiraz in the Australian Small Winemakers Show, the Sangiovese was awarded a Bronze medal and the Shiraz was 0.5 points from a Bronze. We also entered the 2009 Sangiovese in the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show, the Sangiovese was awarded a Bronze medal in this show as well. We are very pleased with these results considering the appalling growing conditions and the difficult wine making conditions of 2009. If we can achieve results like this in a difficult year then we would expect the results we would get for the 2010 vintage will be even better.


December 2011

The recent rains have provided ideal growing conditions and the vines are loving it. Keeping up with the copper and sulphur sprays is proving difficult, but so far we have managed to keep things under control but we do have to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for downy mildew.


September 2010

We have completed the cane pruning and tying down of the entire vineyard and all of the moveable foilage wires have been lowered in prepeartion of the pending growing season. Fortunately we had a few dry days so that we could mow and mulch the midrow prior to budburst. The good winter rains have provided ideal conditions for bud burst and the entire vineyard is now a lovely sea of green with all the shoots growing well and the inflescence are now visible. We have also applied our first precutionary copper and sulphur sprays.


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